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Live Wedding Oil Paintings started at the wedding and finished in my studio in Temecula, California. 

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Call Jess Perna's art studio for a wedding artist who does exceptional work for your wedding portrait.  Wedding paintings are excellent guest entertainment.

In the enchanting scene of this live wedding painting, the focal point is the radiant bride and groom, their love immortalized in a tender kiss. The bride is a vision in a flowing, long white gown, adorned with a veil cascading gracefully behind her head, creating an ethereal aura. She clutches a bouquet in her hand, a delicate arrangement of flowers complementing her bridal elegance.

To the left of the bride, five bridesmaids form a line, each a vision of grace in their long pink gowns. Adorned with flowers in their hair, they stand with joyous expressions, witnessing the love unfolding before them each with a different facial expression. Their bouquets mirror the bride's, creating a harmonious blend of colors that enhances the overall beauty of the composition.

On the right, the five groomsmen are a dapper complement to the bridesmaids. Dressed in light blue suits, they sport pink bow ties and matching boutonnieres, adding a touch of sophistication to the scene. Their attentive gazes convey support and happiness for the newlyweds, creating a balanced visual tableau.

The backdrop is a picturesque setting, with a green lawn beneath their feet and majestic, towering trees in the distance. The natural beauty enhances the romantic atmosphere, framing the wedding party in a timeless and idyllic setting. The play of light and shadow adds depth to the painting, capturing the moment in a way that preserves the emotions and memories of this joyous occasion.

Artist Jess Perna captures the scene in great detail and with artistic skill.

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  • 5
    Bridal Party Painting

    Posted by Quince Flambers on Feb 14th 2023

    This painting caught the difference personalities of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The background is lovely and the rendering of the clothes is great!

  • 5
    Bridal Party Painting

    Posted by Amelia Janes on Oct 1st 2022

    I loved this one so much I had to have Jess at my wedding! I can't wait for the day and my painting!

  • 5
    Wedding Painting Artist

    Posted by Ollie Southmore on Sep 22nd 2022

    I love the whole look of this painting. The artist did a fine job of getting the clothes, the people and the feeling. That is why I hired him. Jess Perna is a great artist and also great customer service from his team.

  • 5
    Wedding Party Painter

    Posted by Pattie Crupp on Sep 18th 2022

    I hired Jess because he was the most detailed and got the personalities of the subjects better than any other artist I found. Yes, you have to wait for him to finish after the wedding because he spends a lot of days on the details. And, you have to wait for it to dry and be shipped but boy is it worth it!

  • 5
    Wedding Painting Bridal Party

    Posted by Rena Smalls on Sep 11th 2022

    This is the painting that convinced me to order my wedding art from Jess Perna!

  • 5
    Beautiful Group Wedding Painting

    Posted by Treya Smithson on Sep 10th 2022

    This is a really beautiful work of art for the wedding group. I like the realistic attitude of the subjects showing their various personalities. Really excellent painting skills by the artist.

  • 5
    Whole Bridal Party Painting

    Posted by Esther MacConnell on Sep 10th 2022

    Artist Jess captured the personalities of all the bridal party participants and a great kiss between the couple. I really need to have him paint from my photos. It is too late to have him at the wedding but I can have a fine painting for my home.

  • 5
    Bridal Group Portrait

    Posted by Ursula Finch on Aug 16th 2022

    The whole painting is gorgeous! This artist is the best I have seen for live wedding paintings. This is the artist I want for my wedding in a few years. Great work! It is so beautiful. Every detail is done with skill.

  • 5
    Wedding Party Painting

    Posted by Paula Friend Jones on Aug 6th 2022

    I love this! It shows the whole bridal party and each has a personality. Gorgeous painting! There is so much feeling.

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