Kindergarten Artist

Kindergarten Artist

Posted by Jess Perna on Oct 4th 2021

My wonderful kindergarten teacher Mrs. Henrietta Mueller assigned my friend David Bloom to shake me aware when the fire drill bell went off. If I was drawing I did not hear it.

My understanding teacher gave me my own shelf of paper and crayons and said to draw whenever I wanted. She told my mom there was one dedicated 5 year old artist in every class of the 25 years she had been teaching.

I started drawing when I was 4 which is pretty much the time when all obsessed, natural born artists begin. I would copy the pages of my children’s story books drawing the Muppets and Disney characters. My mother asked if I had been tracing them and I told her I had. Actually, I was drawing and did not know what tracing meant.

Suddenly for about 6 months I colored every page black, then navy blue then dark brown. Every bit of the page would be covered in one color. When I ran out of dark colors I would ask for new crayons. My mother was baffled but she let me continue without question.

At 5 I copied a picture of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. I enlarged the picture to fit the size of a large poster paper which was many times the size of the original cover of the book. I brought it to my mom and she realized I could not have traced it. She was floored! She asked if I could do it again and I said, “Sure!” While she watched I drew it 2 more times exactly the same. See the photo of me and my drawing below.

I was given all the art supplies I could use and drew every day when I wasn’t wildly running in the backyard with younger brother Mark.

When I was 6 mom asked why I used to color all the pages black, brown or blue. I told her I wanted to make the colors come out solid like in the magazines. She explained that I would need paint. Crayon on coloring book paper couldn’t look solid.

I asked if I could have paint and boy was my first trip to Jerry’s Artarama in Bellerose, Queens an exciting day! Talk about kid in a candy store. This was my favorite place! Luckily for me we could walk there and take home bundles of the best stuff on earth: ART SUPPLIES!

Years later I worked there as a clerk and I still buy many of my supplies from them online. Thank you Jerry’s!