"Oliver - The Rescue Cat"

"Oliver - The Rescue Cat"

Posted by Jess Perna on Jan 9th 2022

"Oliver - The Rescue Cat" was adopted by my brother. He was living outside, lonely and undernourished. He was coming to the door every day and looking longingly at Maggie. Maggie is another rescue kitty. They looked each other for 6 months.  He is so beautiful and such a sweet cat I was inspired to draw his portrait.

Oliver was fed every day on the porch and given a couch and blanket. After a trip to the Vet for meds Oliver was admitted to the house and officially adopted. Maggie ran at him and jumped on him and they have been fast friends ever since.

Those of you who have viewed by oil painting or oil painting prints The World Recedes have seen Maggie residing in my painting. "Oliver - The Rescue Cat" print comes in different styles and sizes.  It is a digital painting hand drawn on my computer.

If you want to commission a pet portrait contact my office and art director, Judy Cutler will discuss your ideas and assist with the ordering.  We are a full service studio.  800-493-3239.