One, Two, Three - DRAW!

One, Two, Three - DRAW!

Posted by Jess Perna on Sep 27th 2021

Mark Like to Hug Me When I Drew a Cartoon for Him.

I have wanted to draw or paint everything I have ever seen. That simple statement pretty much sums up all born artists. We love it, we cannot get enough and hopefully we get to do it as much as we can.

I admit to some misconceptions about the power art. At six, I drew my version of Charles Shultz’ character Charlie Brown on a big sheet of paper. I held it up to the window to see through it and drew the outline of him on the back of the paper. I carefully cut away the extra paper then colored both sides like a giant paper doll.

I then laid my masterpiece on the floor and watched and waited. At age six I thought if an artist drew a person “just right they would “puff up” and become real. I thought that was how people were made. It was very disappointing to find out I did not have that power.

My mother explained that people were not made by artists but a totally different way. Boy! That was an eye opener!