Zoey The Rescue Cat's Digital Painting

Zoey The Rescue Cat's Digital Painting

Posted by Jess Perna on Aug 5th 2022

Ordering a digital painting of your pet cat can be a wonderful way to commemorate your furry friend. Here are steps you can follow to commission a digital painting of your cat:

Find an Artist: Start by searching for digital artists who specialize in pet portraits or digital paintings. You can find artists on their websites by browsing on Google, recommendations from friends or online communities. Some artist’s like Jess Perna do both digital and physical paintings.

Browse Portfolios: Look through the portfolios of potential artists to see if their style matches what you're looking for. Every artist has a unique style, so find one that resonates with you.

Contact the Artist: Once you've found an artist whose work you like, reach out to them. This can often be done through phone calls or email. In your conversation or email, be sure to include details about what you're looking for, such as the size of the artwork, style, and any specific requests you may have.

Discuss the Commission: Talk to the artist about your vision for the artwork. Some important things to discuss include:

Reference Photos: Provide clear and high-quality reference photos of your cat from different angles and in good lighting.

Style and Size: Specify the style you want. Some artist’s offer a variety of styles and mediums: such as painting, digital, pencil and pen & ink.

Background: Decide whether you want a plain background or a custom background, and discuss your preferences.

Deadline: If you have a specific date in mind (e.g., a birthday gift), communicate this to the artist. Ask if your deadline date works with the artist’s schedule. Be prepared to pay rush fees if you haven’t planned much in advance.

Agree on Terms: Discuss pricing, payment methods, and the terms of the commission, including whether you'll receive digital files only or if you want a physical print or painting. Ensure both you and the artist are clear on what to expect.

Pay the fee: Many artists require a deposit or the total upfront before they start working on the commission. Artist’s have their way of doing business and they will convey this to you.

Examine the artist’s online portfolio and see if their style is to your liking. The artist is not going to change their style for you so it is best to make sure you like their art in advance of ordering.

Receive Your Artwork: Depending on the arrangement, you'll receive the digital file(s) or a physical print of your pet's digital painting.

Show Off Your Art: Proudly display your pet's digital painting in your home, share it on social media, or use it for various purposes like creating custom gifts or memorabilia.

Remember that each artist may have their own process, so be sure to communicate openly and clearly with them to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience. Additionally, be patient, as creating art takes time and effort, especially if the artist has a queue of commissions.