Gift Pencil Portrait #2

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Order a gift pencil portrait from a photo either a head and shoulders portrait or full body.  This art is refered to as representational.  Artist Jess Perna does not do abstract or impressionist art.  

Order commissioned artwork drawn from your photos.  

Artist Jess Perna will create an original piece of fine art from the photos of your loved ones.  This is heirloom art that will be passed down through the generations.  It can also be printed on t-shirts and greeting cards for many uses.  The drawings are hand drawn digital art. 

To make that happen an artist needs to be able to also draw by hand since it is the same process on a computer that it is on paper.  The ability to draw faces is unique to fine artists since it takes thought, skill and a committment to excellent.  The prices are reasonable and depend on how many people are in the artwork.  

Read Jess Perna's bio on our about page and you will be impressed by the sheer volume of art he has created.  To see more visit which is his original site.  All art on is commissioned based and involves a chat with Art Director, Judy Cutler (951) 225-8873 or (800) 493-3239.  She will explain the entire process and answer any questions and concerns you have.  We believe in excellent customer service.   

Thank you for visting our sites and your interest in art by Jess Perna.