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"After the Performance" shows a ballerina sitting, resting after giving her all.  It is 12" x 12" Oil on Canvas, Stretched, Wired and Ready to Hang. Receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

Scroll down to see a video of Jess painting this art.

Original Oil Painting for Sale Online by Artist | California Gallery.  

"After the Performance" captures a poignant moment in the life of a ballerina, portraying the raw and intimate aftermath of her artistry. The stage is the backdrop, its grey, weathered wooden floorboards forming a stark contrast to the ethereal world of dance that has just unfolded.

In the center of the stage, a ballerina is depicted in a moment of vulnerability and exhaustion. She leans forward, her body gracefully folded over, her head resting gently on her knees. Her eyes are closed, conveying a deep sense of weariness and introspection. The tension that marked her performance has given way to a tranquil stillness, as she takes a moment to gather herself.

Her hair is sleek and black, neatly tied in a bun at the back of her head, showcasing the discipline and dedication that are the hallmarks of her craft. The juxtaposition of her serene posture with the tightly wound bun hints at the complex duality of her existence—elegance and effort, poise and pain.

Her attire reflects this duality as well. The top of her outfit is adorned with black lace, a symbol of the intricate and delicate nature of her artistry. Below, a long flowing white gown cascades gracefully, symbolizing the purity and grace that she brings to her performances. This combination of black and white alludes to the contrasting elements of light and dark, joy and struggle, that are inherent in the life of a dancer.

Her wrists are gently crossed, resting on her feet, conveying a sense of vulnerability and exhaustion. Her toe shoes, a staple of her craft, are pale pink, their color standing out against the muted palette of the stage. They are a reminder of the beauty and pain of her art, encapsulating the sacrifices she makes for the sake of her passion.

"After the Performance" captures the moment of quiet reflection that follows the crescendo of a dancer's performance. It is a tribute to the dedication, discipline, and emotional depth that dancers invest in their art, revealing the raw and profound humanity behind the grace and beauty of ballet. Artist Jess Perna has captured a stunning scene.

Only the most skilled artist can create a fine art painting worthy to be called museum quality.  Artist Jess Perna creates recognizable figure in his paintings.  They are never abstact. He has the skill to paint life in it's most beautiful context.  This piece will stun your guests and make a great conversation piece.  You may wonder what about the ballerina's feelings, but you won't wonder what you are looking at.   

Many people still love tradional art of recognizable forms.  If you are one then this art may be exactly the right fit for your excellent taste.  

Artist Jess Perna is available for commissioned fine art paintings, drawings and digital art as well. He has a lifetime of experience since his first commissioned magazine cover was when he was eleven years old in 1983.  Hire the best and you will have a heirloom piece of artwork to grace your home, office, hotel or other business.  

Scroll down to watch the video of him painting this lovely work.

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Jess Perna retains the world-wide rights for copies of his art. Buying the original entitles you to resell it but, not copy it for any reason.



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    Resting Ballerina Painting

    Posted by Jane Kim on Jul 9th 2022

    This is so lovely I can't stop looking at it. What a great talent. You captured a moment in time that resonates! Well done!

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